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the serpent chasing its own tail

Big Boss
15 December 1930
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but if there was a single truth, a single light
a single thought, a singular touch of grace
then following this single point, this single flame
the single haunted memory of your face


「Character」 Big Boss (aka Jack Hauk, real name: John)
「Series」 Metal Gear Solid
「Gender」 Male
「Age」 84
「Species」 Human
「Sexuality」 Bisexual
「Manhattanite or Outsider」 Outsider


About 192cm tall, weighs 88kg, has dark blue eyes and gray hair due to age.

Big Boss is dressed in his FOXHOUND attire, which consists of a khaki colored standard military issue uniform, an ochre-colored trenchcoat and a pair of black leather gloves. Other than that he's wearing his trademark eyepatch over his right eye, which he lost to Ocelot in 1964. He's also apparently averse to shaving, and so he's been sporting a beard ever since his early 30s. Despite his age and the 15 year long coma he's been in, Big Boss is still very muscular and athlete and considered the most capable soldier in the world. Notable here is, however, that most parts of his body aren't his own anymore. He lost both legs, arms and his right ear during the Outer Heaven incident, and those parts have been replaced with artifical limbs, and later with body parts from his own two clones, Liquid and Solidus – therefore his whole body is covered in very visible scars.



Big Boss is, first of all, an old soldier and 'hero' who has seen too many wars and has lived for way too long, leaving him to be an intensely charismatic, but broken man. He has a very calm, collected disposition, he might even seem just plain tired most of the time – which is a very strong contrast to his 'old' personally, when he was young and energetic and determined to fight for his own ideals, but alas, he has learned the hard way how many mistakes he has made in his life, and he pays daily for it. He has to deal with massive guilt issues which stem from the fact that he is responsible for most of his friends and family's deaths, and he has also helped bringing the world to the brink of ruin by fighting a fruitless war with his arch-nemesis, Zero, which lasted for several decades.

But Big Boss is by no means a bad person – he is surprisingly good-natured and polite, and unlike most of his sons, he is very emotional and shows his feelings and doubts more openly. He cares a lot for people and is always willing to help, he constantly gives out advice and acts as a mentor figure, even if addressed individuals are not so innocent and actually his enemies. He's especially fond of children (all but his own, for the most part). He can't really hold any grudges, you can betray him, you can backstab him, you can SHOOT HIS EYE OUT AND BURN HIM ALIVE and he will still forgive and love you and never say a word about it, but he, himself, doesn't demand any forgiveness for his own mistakes he did for living his life the way he did. Big Boss hates war, the killing, but at the same time, he can't turn away from it. He realized himself that he doesn't feel alive unless he's in battle, and so he dedicated his whole life to fight for himself and to free soldiers and people from oppressive systems and governments, thinking that this was what his mentor, The Boss, truly wanted. Big Boss fought for anarchy, which he called 'freedom', and he completely lost sight of things in the process – it all went downwards for him from that one fateful mission when he had to kill his mentor – the only person he ever really loved –, the day which, as he himself says, died. Despite all the titles and medals he has earned for his efforts, Big Boss never saw himself as a hero, and he actually hates being forced into that role – especially if people are trying to put him above his mentor.

Big Boss is also pretty astute and philosophical – he likes expressing his thoughts, and he loves talking when it's a topic that interests him or his political views or his gun fetish. First and foremost Big Boss is still a soldier, though, and as a soldier he is a professional and always focused, even if he might feel conflicted emotionally. Secondly he is an authoritative leader-type with an overwhelming charisma about him, and he's able to inspire confidence in others easily and command a squad. He tries to live up to his own high standards, and prefers to do things his way – he doesn't take any more orders but his own, and he hates being manipulated and used. That said, he can get very aggressive and dominant at times, although it takes a lot to make him lose his composure – like lying to him and screwing him and his loved ones over CONSTANTLY, and when I say constantly, I mean his WHOLE LIFE. He is able to withstand a large amount of physical and emotional pain, but it'll still leave him scarred and hurt and with unanswered questions, and it sometimes leads to him reacting more on impulse than on actual thought because at some point, even his reserves are exhausted and his mostly very intense emotions start welling up to the surface which is supposed to be a distant, unaffected soldier. He also expresses a very strong dislike towards the idea of 'cloning' and of toying with human life in general, which indicates that despite all the killing he's committed, he holds humanity in high regards and has faith in it. At the same time it makes him a hypocrite since war is all he's good at and thrives on, and he's fully aware of it.

However, Big Boss is not a sad person all the time, he also has his very personal quirks and a laid-back, carefree side to him, which sometimes borders on immaturity, and he is deeply devoted to the people he loves (if you actually manage to gain his trust), maybe even obsessive.
He is, admittedly, pretty smart and clever, although he doesn't show it most of the time, and acts silly and naiive instead, or just refuses to give good answers since he lets his confusion get the better of him. That, or he simply doesn't understand what has been said to him because he can be very slow on the uptake. He also got a sly sense of humor and a good appetite, and he'll probably try to eat just about anything that looks even remotely edible.

He thinks glowing mushrooms recharge batteries. He's afraid of Vampires and everything related to them. He'd eat a poisonous frog as long as it tastes good. He thinks poisonous hamsters and squeaky sand are good security measures for an impenetrable military fortress. HE HONESTLY BELIEVES CARDBOARD BOXES ARE THE KEY TO TRUE HAPPINESS.

He's also a passionate cigar smoker and enjoys a few drinks once in a while, though he knows neither of them is very healthy.

For the love department – he doesn't care much about gender, and he's pretty oblivious to people's interest in him, be it males or females. He has lost his own interest in any sexual relationships, however, although he used to have a pretty healthy libido when he was younger, but never openly flirty. He's also infertile.


Big Boss is, when it comes down to it, probably the most gifted soldier in existence (it is said that scientists were able to identify over 60 'soldier genes' in his DNA, covering everything from strategic thinking to the proverbial killer instinct), and is considered 'the greatest warrior of the 20th century'. He's the one who developed CQC (Close Quarters Combat) together with his mentor, wields knowledge of most firearms (and is capable of using them to their fullest extent), has excellent strategic and tactical planning abilities and an overwhelming charisma. He's also fluent in several different languages and boasts an over-average IQ (though he doesn't show that very often). He's familiar with all kinds of battle techniques, infiltration in urban and outdoor environments and is very capable of leading his own unit to success even under exceedingly difficult circumstances.
Under certain conditions, Big Boss is also able to see ghosts – he is by far no medium, but he had been in contact with a deceased spirit medium, The Sorrow, for a long time, which made him sort of susceptible to sensing the presence of strong ghosts.
He is also an excellent cook for some unknown reason, and a decent field medic.


Although considered a joke by most, Big Boss is TERRIFIED of vampires, even vampire bats – he
gets nightmares when somebody just starts talking about them. The early loss of his right eye may also be considered a weakness, as well as the state his body is in – health issues might become a problem, especially when looking at his smoking habit.
Big Boss's weaknesses are mostly persons. First of all, his deceased mentor, The Boss – who he spent almost 10 years of his youth with and who he had to kill during a mission, an incident which left him mentally scarred.
Big Boss also got a soft spot for Ocelot and EVA, who he has been working with for years, and Ocelot in particular he is very fond of and considers him a partner, although he might not show his affection to him in a direct way.
Solid Snake, his clone/son, can also be considered a weakness; not only has the younger version bested him two times in battle and almost killed him, but at the same time he also respects him and would rather avoid getting into unnecessary fights with him.
The new version of FOXDIE, a retrovirus, was also programmed to target the genetic pattern of Big Boss. Thus the virus could kill him again if he ever gets into contact with it.
Other than that, Big Boss is a normal human and can be killed just like any other person, although he's able to endure a lot more pain than the average man.


Swallowing its own tail - From 1930 until 2014.


This is a role-playing journal for daisychainrpg by saphrawn.
[Metal Gear Solid/Big Boss] © [Hideo Kojima/Konami].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

I am open to polite feedback and concrit. You can reach me on AIM saph in a box, or per e-mail saphrawn[at]gmx[dot]de.

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